Meesha Brown

Meesha Brown

President & CEO

PCI Media

Neemesha “Meesha” Brown has 20 years of experience in education and communication spaces. She has worked with a range of partners spanning government, NGO, and private sector agencies to improve efforts to educate children and adults and to produce award-winning media. Meesha’s work has touched and changed the lives of millions of people. Her expertise in learning design, education, and community engagement has helped strengthen natural resource management in West Africa and raise awareness and change behaviors around climate resilient and adaptation practices. Meesha recently contributed a chapter titled "The Power of Locally-Driven Narratives to Support and Sustain Climate Action" to the forthcoming book Storytelling to Accelerate Climate Solutions, edited by Emily Coren and Hua Wang (Open Access on

Meesha is also an award-winning producer of #ISurvivedEbola, a global public health campaign that empowered over 10 million people to take measures to protect themselves and others from contracting the deadly Ebola virus. In her role as President & CEO, Meesha has skillfully managed PCI Media’s program portfolio across 70 countries, 30 languages, and numerous partners on issues including climate resilience, access to education, and gender equality.

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